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High performance butterfly valves
Forex Controls is proud to offer the BFV line of high performance butterfly valves. This product line is recognized as a proven leader with over 20 years of successful service in process industries worldwide. The simple, innovative design offers rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field.Can be automated inexpensively with pneumatic and electric actuators.

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BFV high performce butterfly valves handle a wide range of conditions and media such as corrosive chemicals, water, gases, acids, alkalis,hydrocarbons plus many other fluids.

1. Direct installation of the actuator.
2. Continuous gasket compression surfaces.
3. Seat wide choice of materials, can withstand 648° C.
4. In-one valve shaft.
5. The whole cast bae plate type valve.
6. Wide range of applications, from vacuum to high pressure equipment, from low to high
temperature equipment.
7. Good throttle control performance of the uid control.
8. The ability to bubble o level.

● Connection:Wafer、Lug、Flange
● Applicable temperature:-20°F to 500°F (-29°C to 260°C)
● PMA:ASME Class 150 2 1/2 - 40" (65-1000mm),ASME Class 300 2 1/2 - 24" (65-600 mm),ASME Class 600 3 - 14" (80-350mm)
● Leakage class:IV 和VI
● Applicable size:DN15-DN600
● Body:Ductile iron、Carbon Steel、Stainless steel
● Stem:Stainless steel AISI 316L
● Plate: Stainless steel AISI 316L
● Seal ring:PTFE + FKM chevron
● Options:Alloy body materials are available  Fire Setting
● Double eccentric design or three eccentric design Stem sealing for vacuum

Forex 800 series high performance butterfly valve technical brochure

Forex 800 series High performance butterfly valves.pdf

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